4/06/11 Sean will be a judge for the graphics and animation category for the Emmy Awards for the second year.

4/06/11 We made an animation for Craft NY.

4/01/11 We just made an animated video for Q Skills For Sucess.

3/15/11 We just finished all of the animation for a new documentary about the human elephant conflict in sri lanka called common ground.

2/20/11 We co-directed a music video for Bo Burnham with Duncan Skiles. The video has almost 4 million views on youtube and has played on Comedy Central and MTV.

2/4/11 We worked with our friends at Greener Media to make a video for Cancer and Careers. We also made one last year.

1/19/11 We just finished all of the titles and animation for a new feature length documentary about vaccines called The Greater Good.

6/23/10 The trailer for Waiting For Superman is now online, and features our animations. The film won the audience award for Best Documentary at Sundance this year, and will be released by Paramount in the fall.

4/28/10 Last Play At Shea just premeired at the Tribecca Film Festival. We did the animation for this documentary about Billy Joel.

2/23/10 Our documentary, I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW, can now be pre-ordered on Amazon UK. It will be released on March 8th in the UK, and other places shortly after.

2/22/10 We made a new short called Tiny Dancers.

12/19/09 We did all of the animation for Waiting For Superman, the new documentary about the public education system by Davis Guggenheim, which will be premiering at Sundance in January.

11/19/09 We won the Biking Rules PSA contest. You can watch "Wrong Way" on youtube.

9/23/09 Bronx Princess premiered on PBS' POV last night, and you can stream it online here for the next 3 weeks. Once you watch the film, you can watch the Bronx Princess: Sharing College Success Tip update clip which we also did animation and titles for.